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Technical Support
Applying Weft Hair Extensions

Ask your hair dresser to make tiny braids of your hair in rows called tracks around your head. These tracks run horizontally around the back of your head underneath the hairline so that they are not noticeable. Read More...

Applying Individual Strand Extensions

Decide what kind of extensions you want. Choose natural hair or synthetic.
Ask your stylist to match the extensions to your hair color or pick the color you would like. Decide upon the length you would like your extensions.

Attach and Remove Lace Front Wig How to attach a lace front wig

Please braid your own hair down and clean inside or wear a wig hair liner.
Place the wig on to fit your head and then move the wig to get the most natural hairline.
Start cutting off the extra lace.But be sure to cut a little bit each time to avoid over-cutting.

how to care your hair by yourself

Prom's coming up and the first thing to fantastic hair is getting it smooth, shiny and healthy way in advance. You don't need to spend big bucks at the salon either. You can do it yourself with ingredients straight from your mom's pantry! No matter what your pre-prom hair dilemma, we have the recipe to fix it — stat! Read More...

How to Take Care of SYNTHETIC FIBER

Fill a basin with cool or lukewarm water and add a dash of conditioning sharmpoo.
Soak for a couple of minutes,then wash it gently.
Rinse and comb it thoroughly in cold water.